Bavarian Forest National Park: let nature be nature

The oldest national park in Germany, the Bavarian Forest National Park, lies just beyond our front door.

The National Park Information Centres, the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus near Neuschönau and the Haus zur Wildnis by Ludwigsthal, with their attractive surroundings, are each well worth a visit.

Anyone looking for peace and quiet and wanting to return to nature has a wealth of possibilities:

  • On the Seelensteig
  • In the rock hiking area
  • In the forest history walking region
  • In the areas of the Lusen, the Rachel and the Falkenstein mountains
  • In the plant and rock area
  • In the Hans-Watzlik-Hain area of ancient forest

A well-signposted network of paths leads you to attractive natural sites in the region.

Discover the secret of the wilderness. Feel the strength that lies in peace. And simply become an explorer and connoisseur with all your senses

One unforgettable experience – especially in the morning or evening – is a walk through the wild life park, where you can observe lynx, wolves, bears, black storks, griffon vultures and other typical creatures of the Bavarian Forest in their natural surroundings.

Visit the new tree-top path to be astonished at the architectural marvel and enjoy the fabulous views over the Bavarian Forest National Park.


And the best thing is that you don’t need to drive. The Igel buses or the Waldbahn will bring you to your destination. For our guests, travel with bus and train with the GuTi guest card is free.

We are official partners of the National Park, and can give you insider tips for your visit and stay in the Bavarian Forest National Park.


The National Park Philosophy: Let Nature Be Nature

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